This is No Time to Rest


In this difficult time, businesses have slowed down, many schools have closed, and some elections have been pushed back. The economy is hurting, and travel is restricted.

But this is no time to rest.

You have an excellent opportunity to empower your principles and learn the tools to win.

“You owe it to your philosophy to learn how to win." Leadership Institute President, Morton Blackwell, says that often.

He goes on to say that if you don’t take the time to learn how to win, and your opposition does, "they will beat you no matter how right you are — and you don’t deserve to win."

Those of us who have heard Morton Blackwell say these words know they ring true. They ring even truer today with the COVID-19 pandemic flooding our society.

For those of us in the conservative movement, this is not time to stop. You and I must keep moving forward. Our work is never done.

What are you doing during your quarantine time, and how are you preparing yourself for leadership?

Thanks to our generous donors, the Leadership Institute is here for you during this difficult time.

The Leadership Institute (LI) has moved trainings online and added many more. In April alone, you can participate in more than 35 elite online trainings and events. Learn to win from the comfort of your home while you practice social distancing.

You cannot beat a plan with no plan. This pandemic too shall pass. When it does, businesses will reopen, the economy will begin it’s comeback, and campaigns will kick into full speed.

Are you prepared?

You owe it to your philosophy to become a skilled and principled activist in the conservative movement. Don’t let the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 affect your opportunity to become one of tomorrow’s leaders.

According to , great leaders are charismatic, empowering, and great communicators. Leadership Institute teaches these qualities and more in our communications workshops, including Debate, TV, Speechwriting, and more. Sharpen your communication skills at one of LI’s six online workshops

Learn how you can make a difference as a conservative on a campaign, as an activist, and in your community at one of the Leadership Institute's more than 40 online trainings and events this month.

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